• Salary

    £14.84 -£18.49 per hour

  • Location

    Woolwich London, SE18 6HQ

  • Required experience


  • Other requirements


Purpose of Role

To ensure that people applying to the Council for assistance in resolving a housing problem receive advice about the housing options available to them and support to access housing and other services that they need.

To provide comprehensive housing options, support and homelessness prevention advice including the use of affordability assessments for all applicants and issue personalised housing plans and decisions based on the Housing Act 1996 as amended by the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 and the Code of Guidance, as well as assisting people to access the Choice Based Lettings Scheme, private rented sector and other housing options.

To be responsible for managing a caseload in order to maximise preventions, reduce homelessness acceptances and reduce admissions to temporary accommodation, whilst ensuring that casework meets performance standards, and that events and outcomes are properly recorded as required.

To develop, acquire and retain a sound knowledge of legislation and policy in relation to housing and homelessness (including relevant case law), safeguarding and social care and welfare benefits.

To undertake enquiries into the circumstances of housing applicants, obtaining and checking documents, contacting family, friends and partner agencies, and gathering information for the purposes of preventing homelessness, verifying applications and fully identifying needs and risks.

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