Qualified Social Worker- Children’s- Experienced (SWL3)

  • Salary

    £25.00 - £31.15 per hour

  • Location

    Orton Grove Enfield, EN1 4TU

  • Required experience


  • Other requirements


Purpose of Role

To provide high quality and comprehensive support to children and their families and empower them to plan, work towards and achieve positive outcomes.

To contribute to efficient service delivery, as an individual and as part of a team, in accordance with local policies procedures and legislation.

To work with the social work team to ensure that children and their families have the right support and intervention but working closely with professionals form all agencies to gather information and assess risk.

To support a team of social workers and deputy team managers in making key decisions about thresholds for intervention and support.


As required within the service, work with children and young people and their families to assess, design, plan, implement and support care plans/management of cases as directed by the line manager in order to maximise individual opportunities, outcomes and development.

Assist with establishing, developing and sustaining effective working relationships with children and young people and their families.

Provide appropriate and practical assistance and support to meet the needs and requirements of children and young people and their families, individually and as a team.

As agreed within the service to undertake the role, duties and responsibilities of a key/case worker.

To assist the Managers in ensuring that children and young people and their families have appropriate access to advocacy and where appropriate to the service, are empowered to self advocate.

Actively support and promote the inclusion and participation of all partner agencies including thinking creatively about the best way to work with families who require early help and prevention.

As discussed with the line manager, undertake relevant training and contribute to team workshops and other learning opportunities to promote good practice.

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